Thursday, September 30, 2010

Patio Doors Installed

I've recently installed the first set of patio doors.  They have an integral nailing fin along the sides and top, so they get installed in the same manner as the windows.  The door set weighs about 150 lbs, so I used my trusty winch to lift them up into place.

I had to cut away some of the existing housewrap over the opening to make room for the peel-and-stick flashing above the door.

Once the flashing was in place, I cut a strip of housewrap about 16" x 84" and inserted the top edge of it underneath the housewrap above.  Then I taped it down over top the flashing above the door. The important thing to remember is that upper pieces of housewrap or flashing always must lap over top of lower pieces. That's the only way to ensure that moisture is always forced outwards.

The completed installation, ready for trim.  Now I just need a deck.

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