Thursday, October 14, 2010

Housewrap Progress

I'm continuing to work on installing the rest of the housewrap, although I have somewhat changed my method for installing it.  In a post back in May, I talked about using fender washers to hold the housewrap in place.  That method worked okay, but I've found a better way.
Now I'm using 3/8" x 3" plywood strips to hold the housewrap in place.  The plywood strips get screwed to the plastic webs embedded in the ICF walls, thereby holding the housewrap in place.  The siding will get screwed to the plywood strips (and into the plastic webs beneath as well.)  That leaves an airspace between the housewrap and the siding.  This is known as a rainscreen system. 

The purpose of the rainscreen is to allow any moisture that gets behind the vinyl siding to drain down the wall and out the bottom; thereby stopping the moisture from getting trapped and causing problems.

For an in-depth description of how a rainscreen works, check out this article:

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