Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Electrical Outlet Installation Details

Here's a description of what I do when install an electrical outlet.  I'm not claiming that this is the only way, or the "right" way, but it's what I've been doing and the Electrical Inspector is happy with it.

This the rough-wired outlet box with the wires stripped and ready for installation. The wire marked with the red tape (left wire, above the box) is the supply-side wire. The other wire goes from this outlet to the next outlet; becoming the supply-side wire for the next outlet.

In the back of the box there are two green ground screws. The bare ground wire from the supply-side wire is first wrapped around one of those screws.

Then the two ground wires are twisted together with a third piece of wire. The third piece of wire is called a pig-tail, and is what gets connected to the outlet plug.

Next, the Hot (black) wires and the Neutral (white) wires are twisted together with their respective pig-tail wires.  A marette (the orange cap) is twisted on to the wires to hold them together and insulate each group of wires from the others.

Here you can see the Hot and Neutral pig-tails. They'll get connected to the outlet plug.

The next step is to neatly coil the wires up inside the box so that there is still lots of room for the outlet to sit comfortably inside the box as well. 

Here you can see the three pig-tails sticking out, ready for connection to the outlet. 

The wires are all attached to the outlet... the ground wire to the dark green screw at the bottom, the Neutral wire to a silver screw, and the Hot wire to a brass screw on the other side. It is important to attach the right wire to the right screw. Hot wires get attached to brass screws, and Neutral wires get attached to silver screws.

The final product.

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  1. Congratulations on your progress. The electrical rough wiring took us a long time.

    Look forward to seeing the type of boxes you used in your ICF walls. It was a challenge for us to get a solid mount on the poly strips in the ICF and still leave the proper amount sticking out for the wall covering.

    Merry Christmas!