Saturday, February 26, 2011

Siding and Window Trim on the Front

I've installed some of the window trim on the front of the house.  I'm using a product called Smart Trim, which is an engineered product made out of wood chips and resin, and finished on the face to look like rough lumber.  It comes primed for painting. 

To make the window sill, I've sandwiched two pieces of the Smart Trim together to give me the thickness I need, then I've beveled the top side so that it will shed water.  I've used a router to round over the edges on piece that goes underneath the sill (the apron), the two pieces that go on either side of the window (the legs), and the piece that goes over top the window (the head).  Once the trim is painted, the rounded edges will give it a more finished look.

Here I've cut out the siding to fit around the window trim at the bottom of the window.  Part of the siding butts up against the trim and part of it slides behind the trim.

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