Thursday, March 24, 2011

Installing Soffits

As I'm moving along with the siding, I'm also installing the soffits as I go.  The soffits are what covers the underside of the eaves.  Like the siding I'm using, they are made of vinyl.  I'm using the perforated variety as they allow for free air movement up into the roof cavity.

The soffits are held in place by placing one end into a vinyl channel (called an F-channel) that's screwed to the wall underneath the inside of the eave, and by nailing the other end to the underside of the fascia board on the outside of the eave.

The soffit panels are interlocking in a way similar to that of the vinyl siding.  Once you install one piece, the next piece hooks around the edge of the previous piece.

The finished product.

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