Monday, June 6, 2011

Bathroom Floor Preparation

Today I was preparing the bathroom floor for the radiant heating system.  The first step was to lay down 8" wide strips of plywood such that there is a 5/8" gap between them.  At the ends of the strips of plywood I've cut semi-circles out of plywood as well.  The goal is to create a continuous pathway that the Pex heating pipe will lie in.

I've also installed aluminum heat transfer plates in the straight sections.  As the name implies, the heat transfer plates will help to transfer the heat from the warm Pex pipe to the floor by spreading the heat over a larger surface area.

You can see a short length of white Pex pipe in the photo below.  I just put that in there to test the fit of the aluminum plates, and it all fits fine.

Where the Pex pipe exits the floor and heads down towards the basement, I've put 1/4 circles made out of plywood under the opening in the floor.  That ensures that the pipe bends downward without getting any kinks in it. 


  1. I've been following for a while now and the place is looking great. One thing to keep in mind with radiant heating is that you want to be careful not to put any radiant pipes too near the toilet waste line - the heat can cause the wax ring to melt or deform. If the pipes have to go close to the toilet, you could always use a no-wax toilet seal. There are a couple different ones on the market but I think the one from fernco is the best and easiest to use. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Very interesting! In all the research and reading I've done I have never seen that mentioned anywhere. I do have pipes running close to the waste line. I've actually already put the toilet in temporarily, but am planning on lifting it up when I'm ready to tile the floor. I'll put a no-wax seal in at that point.

    Thanks for the suggestion!